NGALA MOSES WATAH, Member, Supervision Comittee,  Obang Valley Cooperative

«Our cooperative is working quite well, notwithstanding the equipments. They’re all old and no more work fine. We put a lot of financial efforts on this problem, and finally we’re not making great profit at all »

«We’ve appreciated the coming  of PADFA II. For the time being we’ve received 2 or 3 trainings.  But actually  we’re still waiting for the new Project to come fully, notably with a business-plan for us »

«More specifically,  we’re waiting for a giant huller, a vehicle for transporting rice, a power-tiller and if possible even à tractor tiller »

PAH KENNEDY SHUH, Member, Bu Rice Cooperative

«Our cooperative is now very functionnal. We’ve repaired the machines that were broken down, and we even bought new engine for 75 000, some spare parts, rubber rollers and fan belts, too. We’ve also updated our account at the Credit Union. So, compared to last times, I can say we’re OK ! »

«With the coming of PADFA II, we’re producing more than we used to. And we expect that in the near future we’re going to do even better, if land is developped,  and an irrigation system given to us »

«Since PADFA II was launched, we’ve attended many informative meetings. The AAC is on the field with us, giving us all the informations we need. We’ve noticed more women coming, probably  because of the Food and Nutrition program that the Project brought. »

« What we mostly need is : a farm-to-market road that will  help us carry our harvest and also encourage us to farm larger areas. Plus a canal on the valley : with irrigation, much land which is now not cultivated because water does not reach there will be exploited.»

JOSEPH WIEKE, President, Agulli Rice Farmers Cooperative

«Our cooperative is working very strong. Presently we have 3 permanent workers, paid every month, while 2 other ones for the tricycle and the power-tiller work on a temporary basis. And we pay them through percentages »

«What we actually need is mostly to fix our milling situation, which is very low. We need a bigger scale rice huller. And more power-tillers, because the single one PADFA gave us in the 1st phase has been overused, and can no more meet  the demand of our Farmer. And for the quality of our rice, we also need a calibrator. Something should be done too, as far as packaging is concerned. Finally we’ll welcome more trainings, especially in the domain of accounting »

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